Principally funded through a grant from the John G. Templeton Foundation, the Virtue, Happiness, and the Meaning of Life project is an international collaboration between philosophers, religious thinkers, and psychologists. The project investigates whether self-transcendence—a connection to something beyond a person’s own immediate concerns (like to one’s family, one’s spiritual practice, or one’s work for social justice)—is part of living a happier, more meaningful life. The Hyde Park Institute will co-sponsor the projects’s 2017 Summer Seminar. The seminar gathers 25 advanced graduate students and early-career scholars working in empirical psychology, religious studies, or philosophy for a week-long, intensive study of the link between virtue and happiness. The seminar features sessions led by Candace Vogler, Jennifer Frey, Rev. Stephen R. Brock and Dan McAdams. It covers topics ranging from friendship, natural law, self-love and self-transcendence to the development of virtue and the interrelations among virtue, happiness, and the common good, among others.

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